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MEMORIES FOR THE FUTURE - feature documentary

Ronny Poluan (1953) an eccentric actor and filmmaker, tumbles into poverty after a betrayal by his former business partner who disappears with his money to China. Ronny is forced to sell his house and his car, to sustain his family. A depression ensues. After wandering through the cities, loaded with questions, doubt and bewilderment, he ends up at the gates of his true nightmare: the slums of Jakarta. In this landscape of poverty and misery, entire families are living near muddy riverbanks, sleeping under corrugated sheets of metal. Kids with no hope for education play around with the daily inflow of trash from the city.

Ronny`s own drama evaporates when he realises the reality of those poorer than him. What is the cause of their misery? Where among the shiny skyscrapers, can I find the money to help these people? In between appeals to court, to extend his debt repayment, he is looking for solutions to combat poverty. He finds solidarity and aid from his son Brandon and his friend and actor Parlin. Brandon tries to reconstruct the life of his father, from Ronny`s dusty video archive. We get introduced to Ronny`s psyche and motivation, the past of two actor friends and the downfall of their movie careers.

We witness Ronny`s transition into a contemporary Robin Hood - a rebel who guides the rich through the labyrinth of slums, The Jakarta Hidden Tour. He becomes a desired topic on talk shows. His “authentic” view on Jakarta`s poor is loved and rejected. But Ronny continues his quest to reveal the hidden… For many years he is dreaming to make a movie “Memories For The Future”: a documentary on the faith of Indonesian cinema which reveals a colonial trauma, deeply anchored in the institution of the state.

Directors Note - Jimmy Hendrickx - Belgium
In 2013 I met Ronny Poluan following his Jakarta Hidden tour. During Ronny's passionated talks I discovered Ronny had a different dream than only helping the poor. A dream to make a film. 3 years later I come back to help Ronny accomplishing that dream. In my search to document the stories Ronny wants to tell in his film i came to make a compelling document about the life of Ronny himself.

Thanks to the Belgian Film Fund we could start the film production on 2017, but to finish the production we are still looking for sponsors and/or co-producers.

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